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You can order Nukespeak: The Selling of Nuclear Technology from the Manhattan Project to Fukushima from the following sources:



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8 Responses to Buy The Book

  1. susan hito says:

    How can I buy a printed copy of the new edition of the NukeSpeak?

  2. Richard Bell says:

    Hi Susan,
    Right now, the new edition of Nukespeak is only available as an e-book. So if you want to have a paper copy, you will need to download the e-book version and then print it out. If there’s enough demand for a printed copy, we will work with our publisher to see about getting one done. Thanks for your interest.

  3. Ed Darrell says:

    I believe “hotter than a $2 pistol” wasn’t from health workers, but instead was the judgment of the veterinarian hired by the AEC to figure out what killed the sheep in Iron County, Utah, in 1953. He’d heard that fallout might have been the culprit, and he took along a Geiger counter. The carcasses presented to him for necropsy were, in his words, “hotter than a $2 pistol.” The AEC, however, instructed him to produce a report on all the potential causes of sheep death other than radiation. In federal court later, the AEC presented that report, modified to indicate the “other” causes were “the” cause, and with a forged signature of the veterinarian. Thus began one of the longest-running frauds in U.S. history.

    Some details here, from Utah history:

    Now, if only I could remember the name of the vet — a professor at Utah State University.

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  5. jeanne d. shaw says:

    I, too, would GREATLY prefer a printed book, as I do not use any not those e book devices. (If and when I do use them it will only be for “incidental” reading, not for publications that I consider “important”, such as Nukespeak.)

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