Advantages of Liquid Roofing

Liquid roofing offers a quick and cost effective way of making new or existing roofs waterproof, damage resistant and more energy efficient. The systems can be tailored to meet specific project requirements, whether that’s a single coat on an existing GRP substrate with a 10 year warranty or a fully bonded silicone membrane on a brand new structure with a 20+ year guarantee.

Liquid roofing coatings are made from a mix of materials, some of which have been reinforced with polyurethane foam for added strength and durability. They’re elastomeric, meaning they bounce back after impact from hail stones or debris. They’re also very durable, with most of them able to withstand the pressure of heavy foot traffic and vehicle movement.

Understanding Liquid Roofing: Applications and Advantages

Another advantage of liquid roofing is that they can be renewed through a process called recoat. The system is power washed and any damaged areas are repaired, then a new layer of coating is applied. This can extend the lifespan of the roof to 40+ years, depending on the thickness and material used.

As a roof coating, they’re extremely easy to apply – although you do need to be a bit of a magician to create the ‘Mona Lisa’ effect (think carefully placed blobs and streaks). Because they’re a cold applied system, they’re also flame free and therefore much safer for the specifier, contractor or installer and, in the case of refurbishment, the building occupants. This means that liquid roof coatings are perfect for use on flat roofs of all shapes and sizes.

Melbourne Concreters Italcon

Melbourne Italcon Concreters is a team of professionals with years of experience and can complete projects of any size. They will help you choose the right concrete for your needs, provide expert advice and deliver a high quality finish. Unlike metal or timber structures, concrete is an affordable building material that will last for many years.

A good concreting company will have insurance, including public liability, which protects you in case of accidents or damage to your property while they’re working on site. They will also have the necessary equipment to meet your specific requirements. They’ll use wheelbarrows, a concrete mixer and a pump for smaller jobs, while larger constructions like driveways require skid steer loaders or excavators.

Building the Foundation of Excellence: Discovering Melbourne Concreters Italcon

Concrete surfaces are hard and durable, which makes them ideal for a variety of purposes. They’re often used in driveways, paths and patios, but they can also be found in pool surrounds, walls, garden beds and even floors. Concrete contractors will use a bull float to level the slopes and fill in gaps to create a smooth surface. They’ll continue to trowel the wet concrete throughout the drying process to smooth it further and ensure an even surface.

If you’re looking to add a concrete patio, retaining wall or driveway to your property, hiring a professional concreter is essential. The right Melbourne concreters will make sure the work is completed to your specifications, on time and within budget. They’ll also be able to help with other aspects of your project, such as getting permits and council approval.…

Lexington KY Garage Door Repair

Whether your garage door is making strange noises or you’re experiencing trouble closing it, you need to address the issue as soon as possible. The good news is that there are a few simple things you can do on your own to help prevent the problem from getting worse. If you’re not sure what to do, you can always ask for professional assistance from a Lexington ky garage door repair company. They’re highly experienced and know how to fix a variety of issues.

How do I get my garage door to work again?

Founded in 1963, Overhead Door Company of Lexington provides installation and repair services for residential and commercial garage doors. It is versed in repairing all types of garage doors including raised-panel and carriage style residential garage doors, aluminum full-view, and sectional industrial doors. It also installs door openers and offers 24-hour emergency service.

It offers standard preventative maintenance that includes the RDF above and minor code compliance adjustments such as moving photo eyes 4-6’’ above floor, emergency disconnect handle higher than 60’’ and all of the operator rail, roller shaft / pivots, side bearings, springs, cable pivots, operator trolley and gears (if accessible). The cost of this service is $118 flat rate. The company’s technicians are dressed in uniforms with Martin logos and provide a text or email notification prior to arrival.

Ensure the company you hire for your garage door repair service is licensed, insured and bonded. It is also important to find out how long the contractor expects the job to take. This will allow you to make arrangements if you have other commitments. You should never feel pressured to accept a timeframe that you don’t want to commit to.

Bloomington MN Movers

With a reputation for superior moving services and storage solutions, bloomington mn movers is an established residential and commercial relocation company that has been in the business since 2015. It helps residents with local and long-distance moves. Customers can choose from a range of packages to suit their needs, including a door-to-door service, storage transportation, and overnight shipment. The company also provides packing products, such as boxes, padding systems, and floor protection. Its services are customizable and include one-on-one consultations with clients to assess their specific moving requirements.

Do movers pack for you?

Located in Minneapolis, the company serves residential and commercial clients with a full range of moving and storage solutions. Its team of professional movers can handle a wide variety of items, from small furniture to large appliances. Its storage facilities are climate-controlled and secure, and the company provides pickup and delivery of its clients’ items.

Customers can choose between a flat rate and an hourly rate for their move. Daymakers Moving  who opt for an hourly rate will receive services at a lower cost per move, but the rate can add up quickly. It’s also important to ask a local mover about their license, insurance, and Department of Transportation (DOT) number when evaluating them.

The DOT regulates interstate movers, but the state of Minnesota requires intrastate movers to file a tariff, which lists all fees and services they offer. This information is available on the DOT website, and it can help you find the right movers for your needs.

Carpet Beetle Control

carpet beetle control

The first step in carpet beetle control is to locate the source of the infestation. Dark storage rooms, lint-laden nooks and crannies, heat ducts and cold-air return ducts, attics, basements, areas under slip covers on furniture, the back sides of sofas and seldom-used sofas in darkened corners should all be thoroughly inspected. Place food-baited sticky traps around windows in the spring to capture adult varied carpet beetles attempting to enter or escape.

Besides natural fiber-containing clothing, wool rugs and carpets, carpet beetles feed on silk, fur, feathers, leather, dried flowers and potpourri, grains, seeds, flour, spices, pet foods and human food. Regularly vacuuming carpeted rooms, especially under and behind furniture, can reduce the amount of lint and debris that attracts beetles. Routinely laundering or dry cleaning clothes made of wool, silk, fur and feathers can help deter beetles. Avoid storing preserved animal hides or mounted trophies in your home.

Battling the Bugs Beneath: A Comprehensive Guide to Carpet Beetle Control Methods

Carpet beetle larvae can also damage furniture, especially older, upholstered pieces stuffed with animal hair or other natural materials. Store these items in sealed, airtight containers or place them in the freezer for 48 hours to kill any live larvae that may be inside.

The most effective treatment method for a serious infestation of carpet beetles is to use an insecticide labeled for the pest and spray all affected materials and hard-to-reach areas. An insecticidal dust or spray with bifenthrin, cyfluthrin, lambda-cyhalothrin or permethrin is recommended. Boric acid, available as a powder in many supermarkets, is another treatment option. However, this product is toxic if ingested by pets or children and should be used with care.