Planning African Hunting Trips

african hunting trips

When planning an african hunting trips the best way to do it is on an all-inclusive hunt package. This is a great option because you will pay one flat fee for your safari, your trophy tags and your accommodations to-and-from the airport. This also includes your tracking, skinning and taxidermy delivery. In addition to this, the outfitter will handle your dipping and drying and shipping charges that will bring your trophies back to the United States. This will save you a lot of time, energy and money.

African safaris used to be a very serious business, especially for the landed aristocracy in Europe and America. But after the Second World War they began to lose their luster. The move was towards photographic safaris instead of wild animal killing expeditions. This was helped by cheaper air travel and the influence of the movie Born Free in 1966.

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The worst of these hunts are truly despicable. They take place on private farms that either raise their own wildlife to shoot or buy in a high number of animals to sell to visiting hunters. They are often purely commercial enterprises with little interest in conservation. The tone of these safaris can be anything from a killing fest to a glorified shooting carnival.

A good safari outfitter will be able to help you decide which type of safari is right for you. If you want to do a wild animal hunt, then ask the outfitter to allow you to do a cull hunt for three to four other animals on your first trip. This will save you money and is a very positive thing to do for the game population in Africa.

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