Mirror Ball Hire

When you think of a 70’s disco dance party you usually have to visualise a large mirror ball suspended above the dance floor area. They are a classic way to get the atmosphere of a party started and provide a stunning effect that is sure to wow your guests.

Wwave offers a range of mirror ball hire ranging in sizes and shapes to suit all venues. These can be hung from the ceiling and when used with pin spotlights they will shine white or colored light onto the surface of the ball creating an amazing sparkly effect. This can be a great addition to any venue for a themed party or event as well as any filming or photography work.

Get the Party Started: Why You Should Consider Mirror Ball Hire

You can choose whether you would like the mirror ball to spin or not, however if you do then we recommend hiring our Heavy Duty mirror ball motor. This is a specialist motor designed for hanging and rotating large objects and can be used with a number of different items including mirror balls. It revolves at about 1-2 revolutions per minute and is a heavy item that should only be installed by a professional technician. It can be hang from a secure point and attached to the mirror ball using chain with carabiners which are supplied.

You can also use the motor with any of our other lighting options such as a colour wash, LED uplighters or our range of speakers. This will create a fantastic and unique atmosphere for any event.

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