FoggyForest Microdose Mushrooms

After years of being an underground practice among Silicon Valley insiders, microdosing —taking tiny doses of psychedelic drugs —is entering the mainstream. In the past year alone, articles about the practice have popped up in the New York Times and Forbes. And forum discussions on Reddit about it have exploded, with searches for “microdosing” increasing by sevenfold. Check this out

FoggyForest is one of the most popular sources for high-quality, ethically sourced magic mushrooms online in Canada. The company’s psilocybin products are the most widely used by the microdosing community, with users reporting positive benefits in various areas of their lives ranging from improved empathy to increased creativity at work.

Integrating Microdosing into Your Daily Routine with FoggyForest Mushrooms

For Bea, an anthropology student, microdosing has become an essential part of her self-care routine. Every other day, she boils a kettle and grinds up a few micrograms of mushroom powder into water. Then she drinks it. “It helps with study and it’s just a natural mood booster,” she says.

In clinical studies, psilocybin is taken under supervision, typically in a setting that’s calm and safe and followed by what’s called integration, where therapists help patients process the experience. The psilocybin is often taken in the form of capsules, so it’s less likely to produce the more intense effects associated with full-dose psilocybin research, like visual distortion and altered perceptions.

In a controlled study, the first of its kind in Canada, Farb will be working with psilocybin capsules that are already approved by Health Canada to treat anxiety and depression. In the future, he hopes to see psilocybin used to treat other conditions as well. But for this to happen, he’ll have to overcome the prevailing narrative that psychedelics are thrill-seeking drugs —something hippies share out of plastic baggies in the back rows of music festivals.

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