Latex Screeding Over Ceramic Tiles

latex screeding over ceramic tiles is a popular choice for floors that need a smooth surface before painting or tiling. This floor type is easy to install and quick to dry, meaning that you can use your space almost immediately after installation. It also provides underfloor heating and offers durability for high traffic areas that often experience heavy loads from trolleys and vehicles.

When you are planning to install or replace flooring it can be difficult to get the subfloor level and flat enough to take a new covering. An uneven base can show through the final floor covering, causing unsightly gaps or lumps to appear. Latex floor screeds are designed to help you level and smooth the surface of your base to stop these problems from occurring and give you a premium finish that is long-lasting and hardwearing.

Latex Screeding Over Ceramic Tiles: A Practical Approach

Before you apply latex self-levelling compound to a floor you should first clean the area thoroughly. This can be done mechanically by shot blasting or grinding to remove any paint, oil or grease that is on the substrate. It may also need to be vacuumed and a primer applied before the latex product is laid – always refer to manufacturer guidelines.

The amount of compound that you need to mix will depend on the size of the room and the height of the dips on your floor. Some products come premixed, making this process even easier. The latex floor screed will usually be a protein-free composition which means it is not able to harbour bacteria. This makes it an ideal option for locations that require strict hygiene standards, such as hospitals, schools, and nursing homes.

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