A New Window Opens in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre

A donde se guarda el cuerpo de cristo has opened in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the site where Christians believe Jesus was crucified. It’s a small opening that allows visitors to see what archaeologists say is one of the original walls of the tomb where Jesus was buried.

The Gospels say that after Jesus died, a rich man named Joseph of Arimathea asked Pilate to give him the body of Christ for burial. When he did, the Gospels tell us that he laid it in a tomb he had cut out of the rock and placed a large stone to block the entrance. It was a private family tomb, the kind that would have been common in the region around Jerusalem at the time.

Sacred Sanctuaries: Exploring the Locations Where the Body of Christ is Preserved

In the early days of Christianity, priests took bread consecrated at Eucharist services to the homes of sick and other unable to attend Mass, or kept it in church in a special cabinet called a tabernacle (or a sacrament house). Today, most churches keep the reserved host in a tabernacle near the altar table, or sometimes in a container that looks like a ciborium, a receptacle used for holding the hosts during Liturgy.

The church teaches that the body and blood of Jesus Christ are truly present on the altar under the appearances of bread and wine, and it is important for worshippers to be able to focus on and celebrate this fact during Mass. At the same time, the church also teaches that it is a good thing for believers to have an active devotion to the reserved sacrament outside of Mass. The tabernacle provides a place for that devotion, and it is a reminder of the unity Christians have with Christ in his church and his body.

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