Best Berlin Student Housing

Best Berlin Student Housing

The Best Berlin Student Housing is one of the top study destinations in Europe and home to several world-class universities, dynamic city life, a robust startup scene, & a strong cultural presence. Whether you’re attending a program in Berlin that includes housing or plan to find your own accommodation, it’s important to research housing options ahead of time. There are many online resources, including WG Gesucht and ImmobilienScout24, to help you find the right place for you. Additionally, it’s helpful to search during the offseason when rent prices are typically lower.

Depending on your budget, you can choose between apartments, shared apartments, and dormitories. Apartments offer privacy and more space, but are also generally a little more expensive than shared or dormitory accommodations.

Berlin’s Finest: Navigating the Pinnacle of Student Housing

Dormitories are located within or close to university campuses and offer a social atmosphere. They are often a good option for first-year students as they help ease the transition into student life. They are usually more affordable than private apartments, and they include basic services and facilities.

For a more private option, you can choose to live in a shared apartment, which is also known as a Wohngemeinschaft (WG). These are usually apartments that have between two and seven bedrooms. Typically, these will be fully furnished with a kitchen, bathroom, and living area. However, you can also choose to live in an unfurnished flat for a slightly cheaper price. Another option for student housing is a co-living space, which is becoming increasingly popular and provides an opportunity to meet fellow students.

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