Mental Health and Online Games

Online Games are a form of entertainment that allows people to interact in real-time with other players through the Internet. They can be played on computers, consoles or mobile phones. There are many different types of online gaming, including role-playing games, action-adventure and first-person shooter games.Read more

Online games can help children develop cognitive skills such as problem-solving and responding quickly to changes in the game environment. They can also improve hand-eye coordination in children. Some online games are sociable and allow children to meet people from around the world, which can teach them about other cultures and viewpoints. This social interaction can be positive, but it also exposes children to predatory behaviour and aggressive or sexually explicit material.

Gaming for Good: Online Games Making a Positive Impact

Playing online games can be addictive, which can have a negative impact on mental health. People can become obsessed with these games and centre their lives around them, which can lead to problems such as depression or anxiety. Some games require players to pay money to access them, which can be problematic if the player is under the age of 18.

While some people are able to manage their online gaming addictions, others can experience significant problems. Some of these include cyberbullying and harassment, which can have a lasting negative impact on the person’s life. Other issues can arise from the lack of face-to-face contact with other gamers, which can lead to a sense of isolation for some. This can be difficult to overcome, but it is important for gamers to take a balanced approach and consider the impact of their actions.

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