Concrete Floor Repairs Near Me

The concrete floors in industrial and commercial facilities undergo immense stress from heavy traffic and hefty machinery. Due to this, they are prone to damage over time, which is why facility managers seek a concrete floor repair contractor near me for repairs and restorations.Learn more :

Cracks in concrete floors are a common problem in commercial and industrial facilities. Moisture and impact cause these cracks to widen, creating trip hazards throughout the facility. These cracks can also expose weaker aggregate, which needs resurfacing to keep your employees safe and minimize damage to the infrastructure below.

Sunken concrete is another common issue that facility owners face. Slab piers are installed underneath the concrete slab to lift and re-level it, preventing further sinking and sagging. The Supportworks slab pier system is the best choice, as it requires only a small hole to be cored through the floor, and extends deeper into the soil below to reach competent supporting soils.

Walking on Solid Ground: The Impact of Professional Concrete Floor Repairs

Concrete floor resurfacing is an eco-friendly flooring option that can be customized for your business. Decorative concrete is easy to clean, sanitize, and maintain. Plus, unlike tile floors, it can withstand the heaviest of equipment and traffic.

When choosing a concrete repair material, be sure to consider its dimensional characteristics, elastic modulus, thermal coefficients, and freeze-thaw resistance. Additionally, ensure that the product is compatible with your existing concrete and follows the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. For example, some concrete repair products require an inverted cut to adhere properly. Others, such as epoxy and polyurethane crack repair materials, form a strong bond to properly prepared concrete without the need for an inverted cut.

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