Using Cowhide Decor to Complement Your Rugs

cowhide decor

If you’re looking to add a natural, earthy element to your home decor, cowhide is a fantastic option. These rugs are available in many different colors, and they work well to create a cohesive look in your space. The key is to find a design style that coordinates with vintage pieces  your vintage rug’s color and pattern. You can also purchase other types of cowhide decor to complement your rugs, such as cowhide pillows and throws.

Traditional cowhide rugs are great for rustic homes, and they look perfect with wooden furniture pieces. For example, a tan cowhide rug would look perfect in front of a stone fireplace, and it could be used to accent your log cabin-style living room. Alternatively, you can use a darker cowhide rug to add contrast and drama to your home’s design.

Cowhide Decor Trends: How to Incorporate Western Chic into Your Space

You can also combine a cowhide rug with modern furniture for a chic design. For example, a cowhide ottoman can add an extra level of texture and flair to your designer apartment’s living room. You can choose a patterned cowhide ottoman or a piece that’s a bit more neutral, such as black hide.

However, you should avoid combining your cowhide rug with too much dark furniture. It’s important to remember that cowhides are eye-catching, and they don’t look good with too many other dark elements competing for attention. Instead, try pairing your cowhide rugs with other lighter elements, such as sheepskin pillows and throws. These items can offer a similar feeling to the cowhide rugs, but they don’t compete with the rugs for attention.

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