PUBG Aimbots

Pubg aimbots is a hack that automates the process of aiming in PUBG. These types of cheats are extremely popular in shooter games because they remove all the manual aiming effort and make it easy to take down opponents. These PUBG aimbots can be found on sites like lusogamer, and they come with different automated functions. Some even allow you to target enemy heads for a headshot without any difficulty.

Using an aimbot in PUBG can be dangerous because other players may recognize you as a cheater and report you to Bluehole. Moreover, it can cause you to become too reliant on the software and can reduce your skill level. You can also get banned from PUBG Mobile if you use an aimbot, and this is because Tencent and Bluehole have a good track record of banning cheaters.


Fortunately, the PUBG Lite aimbots that are available for mobile devices are not as sophisticated or powerful as those on PC. The simplest are auto aiming mods that simply modify the game’s default aim assist to do more work for you. More advanced hacks have custom aiming scripts that can be programmed to automatically align with the enemy, but these are rare on mobile devices. In addition, most free PUBG aimbots are outdated within a few weeks and will be detected by Bluehole’s anti-cheat system, which can lead to an automatic ban. Therefore, it is better to find a paid PUBG Lite hack that is professionally maintained and virtually undetected.

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