What You Need to Know About Property Certificates in Melbourne

Property vic property certs melbourne  are official statements of the zoning and planning controls that apply to a piece of land. They also include details of any overlay controls and exhibited amendments to the relevant planning scheme that affect it. A person who wants to build on a piece of land needs to get a certificate to check whether it will comply with the local planning provisions.

If you have lost or destroyed your paper Certificate of Title, you need to apply to replace it. You will need to pay a fee and submit a statutory declaration. You may need to do a title search and an issues search. These searches can be done on-line through the secure PEXA system. If you have a mortgage over your property, your bank will hold the original paper Certificate of Title for safekeeping and will convert it to an electronic Certificate of Title when the mortgage is paid off.

Understanding VIC Property Certificates in Melbourne: A Comprehensive Overview

The Victoria State Library holds a wide variety of records about property including land selection and occupation, crown reserves and pastoral runs and survey records. This PROV information page outlines how to access these records and other useful sources for researching Victorian property.

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