Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy NYC

In this noninvasive treatment, you breathe pure oxygen therapy nyc  in a pressurized chamber. The oxygen enters your bloodstream, which carries it to damaged tissues and organs, including the brain. It helps your body fight certain infections, and it speeds up the growth of new blood vessels. It also treats conditions such as carbon monoxide poisoning, dive injuries and some chronic wounds that don’t heal well with other treatments.

What is the cost of o2 therapy?

There are two basic types of HBOT chambers: a monoplace chamber, which is built for one person; and a multiperson chamber that looks like a hospital room. For both, you enter the chamber sitting or lying down. You’re given a mask or hood to wear. A technician stays with you to monitor your progress and make sure you’re comfortable.

The chamber raises the atmospheric pressure to two and a half times higher than normal. The increased pressure causes your lungs to take in oxygen faster. It can also create a feeling of fullness in your ears, similar to the feeling when you travel at high elevations. To help prevent pressure-related symptoms, you may be asked to avoid eating, drinking or smoking while you’re in the chamber. Other restrictions include hair products, jewelry and any items that generate heat, as they can pose a fire hazard.

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