Pallet Rack Post Protectors

Pallet rack post protectors are a simple and practical defense against upright damage. They sit in front of or around pallet racking columns and deflect or absorb impact from forklift collisions to extend the life of the upright frame and minimize the risk of collapse when damage occurs.

What are the most important considerations with pallet racking?

Most warehouse managers opt for steel post protectors that are bolted to the upright frame and anchored to the concrete floor. Other options include plastic, rubber and composite versions of the protectors that are usually designed to fit with a specific pallet racking brand. There are also several hybrid styles of the protectors that are a cross between bolt-to-frame and V-nose, some with a safety clip and others that have rivet pins that engage the slots in the upright frames like a steel shin pad.

These protective components sit at the base of a pallet rack upright, precisely where most forklift impacts occur. They transfer the impact energy from the forklift to the column and then to the floor rather than the upright. Using these simple add-on protection devices helps to reduce the number of damaged racking components and the resulting downtime, labor costs and product loss.

Despite the fact that warehouse racking is constructed from sturdy and durable materials, accidental forklift impacts will happen. A single significant impact could lead to a collapsed racking structure and serious injury for anyone in the vicinity. It is important to reinforce the racking to reduce its vulnerability by adding column protectors and end of aisle guards to protect the vulnerable uprights.

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