The Ultimate Guide to ESG Score

The ULTIMATE GUIDE TO ESG SCORE rise of environmental, social and governance concerns in business has led to an increasing number of investors incorporating these principles into their long-term investing strategies. It has also prompted some investment firms to step into the gap and offer an ESG score for companies.

How ESG ratings can help your company

A good ESG rating will show that a company is strategic and forward thinking, as well as capable of holding its value over time. These factors will attract investor interest and could lead to more favorable stock price or a stronger brand image, among other positive effects.

How to get an ESG rating

There are many different ESG scoring systems, some focusing on specific issues and others on overall corporate performance. Some of these systems are created by NGOs and other third parties, while others are based on publicly available information.

What are the key things to consider when creating an ESG score?

An ESG rating focuses on environmental, social and governance risks that may impact a company’s ability to meet its mission. These risks can include climate change, human capital risk, fraud, data security and corruption.

How to improve your ESG rating

One way to boost your ESG score is by automating your compliance and safety processes. This will free up employees’ time to focus on value-add activities. It will also reduce the time and energy it takes to review and audit compliance with environmental and safety laws.

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