4 Factors That Affect Your Solar Inverter Cost

solar inverter costSolar inverter cost is a major consideration for homeowners and commercial users who want to switch to renewable energy. These devices are responsible for transforming solar power into usable electricity, and they can be one of the first things to go wrong with an installed system.

1. The size of the solar installation: Your inverter costs will vary based on the size of your solar installation, as well as the type of panels you choose. For instance, a smaller solar installation is more likely to have a cheaper solar inverter than a large system, so be sure to get the right fit.

2. The efficiency of the inverter: This factor can also have a significant impact on your inverter’s cost, and it will be important to check its efficiency before you purchase it. Inverters that are efficient will use less electricity and produce more energy, which can lead to big savings.

How to Choose the Right Size Solar Panel Inverter for Your System

3. Your power and load needs: The amount of auxiliary energy that you require from your inverter should also be considered. For example, if you have several appliances running at once (like televisions, air conditioners, and washing machines), you will need an inverter that can handle the amount of auxiliary power you use.

4. Inverter warranties: A good inverter warranty is crucial to ensure that you will not have any costly repairs or replacements over the long run. Some inverters come with a 5 year parts and labor warranty, while others offer 10- or 12-year warranties.

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