Garage Door Repair in Calgary

garage door repair calgary

When your garage door breaks down, a professional repair company can help you. It’s important to find a company that has a good reputation and has been around for years. You can also ask friends or family for recommendations. More info

Types of Services offered

Calgary Garage Door Repair can offer you a wide range of services including garage door spring repair, weatherstrip replacement, cable replacement and opener repair. Their expert technicians will come to your location and assess the damage in order to provide you with a quote.

Broken Torsion Springs Costs $150-$400

For broken torsion garage door springs, the cost of the repair will depend on the type of spring you have and how many they need to replace. It can also vary depending on the size of your garage door and how long it has been in need of repair.

How to Replace Your Garage Door Weatherstripping

Similarly, broken extension garage door springs will need to be replaced. It can also vary depending on the size and weight of your garage door.

Other parts of a garage door that might break down include pulleys and cables. It is important to replace these parts as they wear out over time and may cause serious injury if the door falls down.

Garage doors in Calgary are one of the most vital parts of a home, as they help keep out intruders and weather conditions. With efficient service and the right repairs, your garage door will work well for years to come.

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