How to Throw a Minecraft Party

A Minecraft Party is a virtual get-together of sorts for children. The celebrant will set up a dedicated server in their game that is open to those invited.

What do you do in a Minecraft party?

Minecraft Parties have become increasingly popular, as they are a great way to celebrate the imagination and creativity of kids. With some careful planning, a minecraft party can be a very affordable celebration.

One of the first things you need to do is to plan a fun and creative game. Some ideas include BINGO cards based on characters and items found in the game, Pin the Tail on the Pig (as seen above), and a Minecraft scavenger hunt with printed farm animals like pigs, cows, and sheep!

You can also give out Minecraft party favors for your guests to take home as a reminder of their great time. Some options include Creeper-themed party favor bags, Minecraft stickers, and a goody bag kit with enough bags and party favors for up to 8 kids.

For food, you can serve square-cut deep dish pizzas or sandwiches sliced into little cubes for the Minecraft theme. You can also provide candy bars, pretzels, licorice sticks, and Pop Rocks for your guests to enjoy as well!

A Minecraft party can be a great way to market your esports center to families with kids. It’s not a traditional frag-fest, but it can be a great way to plant a seed of interest in competitive gaming that will blossom into a long line of clients.

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