Senior Citizen Websites

AARP, or American Association of Retired Persons, is a nonprofit organization that targets the elderly and offers many resources. It offers health and medical advice, retirement planning, and fraud prevention. The organization also has discount codes and travel tips.

Where do seniors get their information?

Seniors have a lot of experience and knowledge, and they deserve to be treated with respect. They also need to have fun. Many websites are designed to bring senior citizens together. They offer social activities and entertainment, and also provide information on medical and legal matters.

The Seniors Only Club is a free online forum for people over fifty. Members can share their stories, chat, and even get involved in philosophical discussions. Users can use their real name or a fake one. They can also use the “I Remember When…” section to reminisce. Find out :

The AARP website offers a wealth of information on a variety of topics, including health, retirement planning, and travel. There are also discount codes and guides to fraud prevention. AARP’s website is one of the most comprehensive senior resources on the web.

The Senior’s Guide to Computers is a simple, uncluttered site that walks users through everything computer related. The site also includes an easy-to-navigate Learning Center and animation.

The WebMD website is a popular resource for medical conditions and general health information. Articles are written in easy-to-understand language by medical professionals. The website also has a section on overall health, including articles on exercise and food.

Senior Journal offers a variety of articles and blogs covering a wide range of topics. They include articles on senior health, senior money, and senior technology. They also have a blog, a discussion section, and a market place.

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