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Coal Swamping Nuclear in China

China is a poster child for the nuclear industry’s argument that “there isn’t any choice” but to build hundreds of new nuclear reactors worldwide if we want to stop global warming. The country has 14 reactors in operation, and more … Continue reading

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Please Don’t Drink the Water

Japanese officials are hell-bent on using their own bodies to demonstrate how well the Japanese government is managing the fallout from Fukushima. Last April, we wrote about Japanese officials eating at a government cafeteria where the chef had topped the … Continue reading

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Occupy Nuclear: Harvey Wasserman Interviews Rory O’Connor

Long-time energy activist Harvey Wasserman interviews Nukespeak co-author Rory O’Connor on the Solartopia Green Power Hour on Talktainment Radio. Wasserman has been active in anti-nuclear campaigns since the 1970s, when he first met all three Nukespeak co-authors He is a … Continue reading

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