The Ingredient That Makes the Bread Rise and Beer Bubble


The Ingredient That Makes the Bread Rise and Beer Bubble

“Bread? Beer? What are you talking about??”

Sometimes I like to think of life as a recipe. We need a little bit of ‘this’ and a little bit of ‘that’ and a secret ingredient to blend it together and balance the flavors. As we experiment with different recipes we start discovering key ingredients that make it work just right. These key ingredients are what MAKE the final product so amazing. It’s a unique part of the whole. It’s what makes us lick our lips with anticipation and rub our hands together with excitement. It’s what makes us come back again for more. It’s what inspires us to find new ways of using these ingredients. With it, we can tweak, change or create completely new and different recipes that will knock everyones socks off! (It’s THAT good).

The magic ingredient award goes to…. Creativity!

Much like yeast plays a part in making bread rise and beer bubble, creativity plays a leading role in making YOU rise (AND feel bubbly blissful)! Creativity allows you to seamlessly step into your flow… into your true essence. This ‘sweet spot’ is where all the magic happens. You become synchronized with the Universe around you, connected to the energies of every thing. Creativity elicits positive emotion during every step of the process; It’s an immediate reaction… like the chemical reaction of adding yeast to dough or beer.

Step into a Creative Role

Use your imagination here. Think of YOU as the chef, the baker or the cook. You are the creator. The way you mix, knead, fold, whip or stir is the creative process. The types of ingredients you use and how much are also parts of the creative process. The final product is your CREATION… a unique, one-of-a-kind masterpiece, delicious, full of flavor making your tastebuds do a happy dance.

The KEY Ingredient

Now, if you haven’t got it quite yet: CREATIVITY is a key ingredient in the recipe of life. An ingredient that allows us to flow with the Universe, attracting love and abundance into our lives. Creativity opens us up to our higher self… the one that knows the truth: that truth being love over fear. This higher self knows a truth that is fearLESS. The truth that when in it, we know. We know which decisions to make not because we have stronger intuition, but because we are more connected to hear it.

How can YOU add more creativity into your life?

Typically, our creative flow mimics the dynamic Universal dualities we experience in life on a daily basis. The spectrum that has only two ways to go. Light or dark. Love or fear. Creative or blocked.

If you’re feeling blocked right now, it’s okay! It’s part of the process. Creating wouldn’t feel SO GOOD if we had the flow 24/7… it just simply wouldn’t! It’s the juicy contrast that makes us jump for joy, do a silly dance, tell everyone we know and giggle uncontrollably. It’s THIS contrast that makes us feel utterly ALIVE. It’s THIS contrast that has us coming back for more. It’s THIS contrast that lights up our lives, surrounding and enveloping everything around us. It’s THIS contrast that colors our lives so we can experience ALL colors of the rainbow.

Feeling Blocked?

If you’re feeling blocked, all it takes is ONE step. One cooked creation, one yoga class, one dance practice, one painting workshop, one online course, one paragraph, one song. ONE.

ONE step.

So, I encourage your to take ONE step today no matter where you’re at. If you’re blocked or feeling less than creative, find something that comes easy to you and do THAT. Just once! If you’re already in the flow… then keep flowing, you got it!

Be grateful for every step of the process as it’s all part of the creative journey.

Use your secret ingredient so you can live a life that reflects your most inner love, truth, wisdom and desires.

Everyone’s ingredient may be a little different and may be used in varying proportions.

That’s okay.

Honor yours.

Cherish yours.

LOVE yours.

It’s the perfect creation because it comes from your heart and soul.

It’s perfect because it’s a reflection of YOU.

Let’s create.

Please comment below and tell us ONE step you’ll take this week to get your creative on!