One Piece At A Time


One Piece at a Time…..The Puzzle Pieces of Life

Have these feelings ever happened to you and you are not sure how to handle them?

Feeling frustrated, wanting so much, having grand visions, wanting everything now.

These feelings are very familiar to me and they make my head dizzy, swirling like I am about to explode.

Yet this is a good reminder that growth is happening…that I need to be present in the moment and that I need to open up to the timing of the universe…..The Divine Timing.

I had to ask myself the question “What am I supposed to be doing right now?”

As I sat and got quiet to meditate on this a vision came to me…it was a puzzle, and the pieces were coming towards me. Then I heard…”Life is like a puzzle, one piece at a time, your next step will come to you.”

Ok I get it, it was a beautiful metaphor and I really understood my lesson.

If you feel like you are overwhelmed with ideas, worries, fears, and you are not sure of what to do next. Here are some steps to help you

1. Write it all down in your journal, no prioritizing the ideas just get them out, give them a space somewhere other than your head.

2. Get prepared to have at least 15 minutes of quiet time to meditate

3. Ask the question What do I do now? Ask for the next step and listen. It may come to you in words, images, a feeling, be open to receive. If nothing comes trust that it is on its way and to keep going through these steps until you feel the answer.