How to Recognize the Intelligent People From the Stupid Ones


We are all under the impression that we are intelligent enough to recognize the intelligent people from the stupid ones in our environment. However if this was the case, logically all our lives would be much different, productive and enjoyable. Ex.: We all have been betrayed more than once in our lives. Only stupid people betray others. They are stupid because:

  • 1. They did not understand that their survival is in direct proportion to the number of people that trust them;
  • 2. They want to hurt their fellowmen and by creating negative emotions around them they are digging their own graves.

Anyhow, we all need a formula or a trick to be able to recognize the intelligent people from the stupid ones in our environment

Here are the 2 major indicators needed to be able to so:

The intelligent people have the ability to differentiate.

They are able to see the difference in the similarities.intransitive verb: 

  • To recognize or give expression to a difference
  • To become distinct or different in character
  • To undergo differentiation

To put it simply, the intelligent ones differentiate and the stupid ones associate. Meaning they think that everything is the same.Example that you might come across on a regular basis-         

  • Men are ALL the same;
  • The only thing that men want is sex;
  • Women are all bitches;
  • All women are moody during menstruation.

The intelligent people know that none of the above statements are true.The word “all” represents an absolute. There is no place for exception… I personally am not like my neighbor as my thought process is totally different. The truth would be more: All men are unique and different from one and another even though they have physical and mental similarities.

As a man, the only thing I want is NOT sex. My wife also has to prepare the meals and clean the house while I play my guitar or watch TV… (Joke!)

MY BOSS – Kim Brillon

For the women reading this post, don’t worry I am intelligent enough to have understood a long time ago who is the boss in my household and in most households. It always makes me laugh inside when I come across a man who thinks he is the boss at home… (usually, it is the wife that decided to have him think so… the poor guy needs a little importance…incredible how some men are looking for trouble…)So, the intelligent person will be able to see the differences and with this understanding, uses what he/she learns to help himself/herself, the family, the groups he/she is part of and Mankind

The intelligent people will “compute” quickly and give a good workable solution or answer when being asked a question and/or facing a situation. The stupid one is going to think, think, think for minutes and when he/she finally answers, the answer does not make sense and/or cannot be used for anything constructive or is not related to the question being asked. In other words, they are NOT answering the question. (Often doing so without being asked…)

You can test this very easily when communicating with people. Measure the amount of time they take to answer a simple question like: “How are you today?” You will be surprised at what you will hear and observe. Is the answer related? Well! The answer to that question is pretty obvious.It all depends to what degree it is important for you to achieve your goals as fast as it can possibly be done.

Associating yourself with the intelligent people will accelerate the process. Surrounding yourself with loyal people (intelligent people are loyal because of their understanding of life) which can help you with industrious advice is a huge plus to get fast advantageous results.

How to Recognize Intelligent People From the Stupid Ones. GO!

If you need more information regarding the intelligent people, I invite you to follow my posts. I really enjoy writing on this subject. Be informed that I would love hearing your viewpoint so you are invited to comment.To conclude on this subject for now, please please please KNOW that the criminals, the traitors and the people who do not keep their words and can conceive good reasons to hurt their fellowmen, are stupid. NO MATTER how intelligent they look or sound. Don’t get tricked thinking that there is much intelligence being involved within such a person as you will INEVITABLY get hurt. I will elaborate further in other posts.

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