How are you Engaging?


I am heading off to teach a retreat in the Dominican Republic in a few weeks…..which is a dream come true!!! I asked and got exactly what I wanted.

Yet I was terrified……

I was caught up Engaging with old limiting patters of fear which were seriously holding me back.

I worked through a very valuable lesson last night about how I was engaging with the world. I was operating under the assumption that I needed other peoples permission to do what I wanted. I needed the OK from other people to seek out my desires and to live the life that I dreamed of. I felt secure this way and safe……I had to ask myself how is this possible? I knew I had to take responsibility for my thoughts and actions no matter how much I wanted to blame someone else. I am the only one who can make decisions and ask for what I need and what I want.
I recognized that I cannot I live my life like this anymore.

So I made a new declaration last night (just like the ones we talked about during Paint. Make Money. Be Happy. Free Seminar)

I declare that I already have the permission that I needed from myself and the universe. I trust that my desires are exactly what I need and that the universe will make sure that I have all of the resources to fulfill them.

I know this story resonates with artists who are stepping out of society’s beliefs of what security and safety are. The truth is we already have all of the security and safety within us…it cannot be found in anyone or anything else.

I recognize that it takes courage and strength to live the way that you desire.

I want you to know that I believe in you and your dreams.

Take Action: Take some time to reflect on these questions in your journal

  • How are you engaging with the people around you, society, and the world?
  • Who’s permission are you seeking and waiting for?
  • What thoughts do you need to take responsibility for?

How do you need to take a stand for you dreams and trust that all of the permission that you need is within you.

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