Expressions of The Soul Final Interview With Kim Churchill


“The real creative artists that will stand the test of time are those that are completely able to channel their ideas without putting any filters or masks or anything over them…or allowing insecurities to happen…they are just authentic”

Kim Churchill

It’s really happening…..

All of the writers block, worry, frustration, and fear dissipated with my faith that I knew this was going to all perfectly and divinely work out.

I had this feeling as to why I was urged by my soul to do this interview.

Mainly because I believe it was a miracle. I asked for something that I thought was almost impossible and received it. It was the sign to reaffirm my faith in source and that everything is perfect and unfolding as it should.

I knew that Kim was going to understand my questions. I had this feeling that he operated in a way that was aligned with what I do and how I coach other creative souls.

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This interview wasn’t about his favorite foods, his lucky guitar pick, or how he started off on his journey.

The information that I craved was what are his connections to the greater sources in life.

What does he do to connect with his inner thoughts and desires?

What spiritual routines if any does he practice in his daily life?

This hour long interview was more than I could have ever imagined and it was a true pleasure to be able to connect with another creative soul and really dive deep into another artists routines, hang ups, and inspirations.

I started off the interview with questions about how he lives a life on the road.

At his live performance in Annapolis, Maryland, Kim stated that he was a self proclaimed non-rehearser because his schedule was so tight driving and flying from place to place with a short turn around time. I was intrigued because his live performances were amazing.

So how does he get ready for his shows?

Kim said that he has created a routine out of the basics of getting ready for the show. Sure he doesn’t have time to actually get on stage and do a whole set to warm up but he warms up his voice, gets his harmonicas ready and puts them in his back pocket.

He also has routine of setting up his equipment, getting his guitar tuned up and having a hot cup of tea.

This routine has allowed him to have something rare in his transient lifestyle, a ritual which gets him comfortable and in the right mindset to go up on stage and preform.

He was telling me about the challenges he faces everyday.

For example one of the most challenging aspect of being on tour was trying to get to his performances on time.

During his tour with Billy Bragg he had a small window of time to get from one location to the next.

This schedule sometimes leaves him stressed about arriving on time and getting ready for the show.

This past year he has really come to terms with what is truly important in life.

The one thing that he found to be the most important is his gratitude list. He runs though this list every day.

He states what he is grateful for in that moment of time.

His list varies from small to big, for example the meal he just ate, or grateful that he only has 5 hours to drive to his next gig and that he will make it on time and wasn’t stressed out.

He is grateful for a great nights sleep ,his health, beautiful venues to play in and people that he gets to share his passion with

He says that his list helps him to feel connected and to have a greater acceptance of himself. This connection allows him to be confident in who he is as a person.

I wanted to ask Kim about his creative process. He seems to have the best stories about how his songs came to life.

A story of his Grandfather, people watching in Japan, missing and loving home, and the sweetest tribute to his Mum.

How does Kim get inspired to write?

Kim said that he loves to write on the road. It is the road and the things that he sees everyday while travelling that brings out the inspirational stories and ideas.

These give him the greatest thoughts. Some artists like seclusion while writing, but for him it is life, and the touring lifestyle that brings out the songs. He believes that if he takes too much time off he will loose the core elements of inspiration his life.

When he feels inspired to create he says its an organic process.

Sometimes it starts as a melody, sometimes it starts with one line that he writes into his phone while dangerously driving his car……. but won’t allow it to simmer and let it disappear so he does it immediately.

Lately he has been using his phone to record his songs and whatever comes to mind.

Often he will just begin to play and within 10 minutes after playing a majority of a song is written.

These songs that come out this way, or even the melodic ideas that come out, are completely honest and full of personality. He thinks that these songs are the best songs he has written.

Kim said what is really important is to not judge your work that comes out. Let the material come out and let the cynical thoughts go. Just do the song and get it out there.

The more you try to label yourself and what it sounds like or worry what people are going to think the more you get away from allowing the idea of exactly what it should be.

All artists go through times of self- doubt, criticism, and melt downs about their work. This is how Kim handles that unwanted voice that creeps in and tries to beat him down.

Kim acknowledges that we are our own worst critics and we can be really cruel on ourselves.

He says that he spends so much time thinking and judging himself.

Kim admits that once he allows that voice to penetrate his mind the cynical spiral will take over in seconds if you let it.

He has a few ways that he connects him self back to a positive mindset.

  • His gratitude list
  • Setting his intention to being happy
  • Letting go of any negative thoughts that come in
  • Don’t label “things” that happen as good bad positive or negative
  • Especially during a performance singers can begin to doubt what they are doing and the performance can go south in as little as 30 seconds.

Things are going to happen, equipment will fall down, strings will break, but it is his choice as to whether he wants to continue to be happy or to allow them to frustrate him.

He chooses now to turn the “cynical switch” as he called it off and to let the positive thoughts come in.

He stated that it takes a lot of energy to concentrate and get yourself into the frame of mind to get up on stage, be yourself, and play music.

He finds that sometimes it is really difficult to remove him self from life before he goes out onto stage.

He says he will find those thoughts entering his head while he is performing and getting distracted.

Sometimes he is even distracted by the idea that these things that he is worrying about are going to distract him while performing.

Ah the mind and ego…so tricky they always seem to sneak in.

I was really interested in how Kim deals with creative blocks.

Kim says that thankfully he is normally so busy that he doesn’t worry about not writing.

But he notices when it has been a while since writing and he puts it on his list, and he is hopeful that tomorrow he will have a song idea while he is driving or in sound check…..then it happens.

His process goes back to his gratitude list and his trust and faith that his creative expression will continue to flow.

I asked Kim lets pretend that I bump into you in 6 months…what are you up to?

What goals or visions do you have for the next 3 years of your life?

He said that he is at a point in his life where he is done really holding back on allowing things to happen with is career.

His dream is to have the effect on music. For example how the Beatles changed music forever with their brand of Pop and how Bob Dylan reinvented folk music.

So he is really focusing on manifesting the things that he feels he would like to have.

He was afraid of it happening too quickly and he wanted to make sure that he had the time to enjoy it. Enjoy the road, the people that he met, the places he got to visit.

He is willing to really allow the next phase of his life to come in and to find the stability and knowing that he will be able to perform and create for the rest of his lie.

Perhaps even a bit of calm and ease on a day to day basis.

Kim’s interview was extremely inspirational. He truly leaves us with many thoughts to ponder about our own lives.

What do you want to manifest in your life?

Your desires are already done for you…are you going to allow them to happen?

Next week stay tuned for my newest series…”Can I Still Be Spiritual and…..?”

Creative Love to You