Hello All! my name is Richard and I have decided to start blogging. The main reason is so that I can keep up with my family and just keep a record for myself of this time in my life. Recently I have been going through a new season in my life and what better way to start a new season in life with a new blog! I am very new to this, but very excited to see what happens.

The reason I have chosen Nuke Speak for my blog title is because I believe to be a creative person and many different things keep my interest. From Makeup Artistry to Meteorology to Coaching High School and Middle School Volleyball, my life is pretty different from other people. I love the fact that I have no clue what the day may hold with my job; it makes it pretty adventurous.

To start off, I have decided to blog about different things, I have just moved out on my own and will write about the challenges and success of being on my own. In moving out I have learned quite a few life hacks and will be sharing those with you, as well as different areas of my life.

If there is anything specific you would like me to cover you are more than welcomes to comment on my page or to send me an email at Richard@nukespeak.org with suggestions.

Thank you for checking my blog out, and for joining me on this ride called life.